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Understandably, most customers judge products, services and brands (especially the ones that they have never heard of) by their presentation. For example, how many times have you searched for something online and decided to go with the one that had the nicer website? Or picked the product with the better packaging? The reason is when we are not familiar with something, we can only infer that one is better than the other based on its presentation. This is how your customers make decisions. This is why proper presentation through excellent design is a must.

Our Approach

We are different to a regular design agency because we are also a marketing agency. As such, we place a lot of emphasis on the business side of things. We know you want a beautiful design, but we also know that the design must sell your product or service. That is the reason you are in business. Our designs are focused on helping your brand, product or service achieve the correct market positioning and maximise results for your business. We can also assist with copywriting and photography, if required. We will make it as easy as we can for you.

Design Services

We offer a range of services to complete your design task.

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Get in touch for your initial free consultation. We are happy to go over your strategy, talk about how we can help you, and even throw in a few ideas to make the call worth your time.

what our clients say

We would be completely lost without their professional and friendly assistance. I trust the team to solve any issue I throw their way. Our new website has saved us time and made it easier for our customers.
Dr. Yolanda Gaspar, Biosupplies Australia

I congratulate Nick and his team for their excellent work. Nick has always fulfilled my expectations, honoured his commitments, and most importantly is a very, very reliable professional.

Nikolaus Rittinghausen, Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria

Nick and his team have always made an effort to understand us and our business and have always provided a quality service and responded to our needs quickly. In short they are a pleasure to work with, you can request anything and then forget about it. It’s taken care of, no fuss no worries.

Phil Quinan, Envirotank Australia

I have worked with Nick and his team at W3 Productions over multiple projects with complex organisations in dynamic industries. Nick and his team have always exceeded my expectations in terms of quality, innovation, time and service delivery. Due to his values, we  have developed a very close working relationship that is professional, fun and highly
productive. Above all else it’s a relationship based on honesty and delivery to promise. Nick has been a critical success factor in the success of my business.

Stephen Dowling, Delivering Safe Production & Services

W3 Productions has generated us a steady stream of new customers through their digital marketing strategy despite the heavy competition in our local area and they have been super friendly and easy to work with.

Dr. Daniel Ong, Annandale General Practice